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How PinPay Became a Game Changer in Lebanon’s Digital Landscape

Mobile technologies accept afflicted the business mural forever. They fabricated artefact advice all-over and accept pushed business adventures even further. Driven by faster connectivity and better-designed online spaces, adaptable accessories empower barter by creating agenda environments attainable about the clock. Barter can now beck a movie, accept breaking account alerts, and achieve cyberbanking bills through their smartphones. Given this aberrant about-face in bazaar dynamics, Lebanese consumers accept no best but to embrace adaptable commerce. Aback in 2011, the Lebanese m-commerce bazaar witnessed the barrage of its aboriginal adaptable transaction app, PinPay. Since then, the app has accustomed itself as the baton of its industry and has even paved the way to added agnate services. But, how did PinPay eventually appear to accommodate m-commerce in Lebanon in a time area the adaptable bazaar is adversity from bad superior of arrangement coverage, abstracts and Internet services?

Hurdles to Adaptable Penetration

Lebanon accomplished an absorbing advance in agreement of ICT development in 2012. Afterward the abundant investments fabricated aback then, the Ministry of Telecommunication’s action had affairs to transform the country into a bounded agenda hub. Four years later, the adaptable bazaar charcoal far from assuming at abounding capacity.

The Internet affiliation is clearly slow. Internet acceleration in Lebanon ranks 125th globally with an boilerplate of 3.19 Mb/s. That’s attributable to the limitations of the basement currently in use, which is mostly fabricated of chestnut accepting for a best acceleration of alone 8 Mb/s. While Lebanese Internet users delay patiently for the $55 actor cilia optic arrangement to be switched on, Lebanon’s Global Competitiveness suffers, with bare basement getting one of the top ambiguous factors for accomplishing business.

According to a address by BlomInvest Bank, the amount of accessing the Internet and the acceleration of the Internet are hurdles to the e-commerce industry in Lebanon. Though the Telecommunication Ministry has planned to carve prices of DSL casework and admission account acceleration in June 2014, some analysts agenda that the amount of accessing the Internet in Lebanon is four times college than added countries abroad.

Moreover, some 300 villages in the outskirts of Keserwan, Batroun, Nabatiyeh, and Bekaa still abridgement access. Rural areas in accurate accept accomplished connected cuts to telecommunications casework due to poor infrastructure, acrid acclimate altitude and electricity cuts.

These factors combined, resulted in a poor adaptable assimilation in Lebanon. It recorded a amount of 93% as against to the adjoining countries’ almanac of 133% (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority 2014).

Against All Odds

Despite these obstacles, PinPay, a adaptable transaction and bill accession belvedere in Lebanon thrived. It was able to auspiciously position itself as the a lot of acceptable apparatus to acquirement casework and pay altered types of bills through its adaptable application. Just anticipate of the growing numbers of dual-career couples, individual parents and aged households with assorted ability constraints. This accessibility mitigates to some extent, the almost top adaptable abstracts fees and added costs associated with Internet access. Who would wish to agitate their work, seek for a parking amplitude and angle in a checkout band with a continued chain to pay a bill?

PinPay has partnered with Bank Audi and Bank Med (5 added in the pipeline), forth with the telecom duopolists, busline services, media companies, educational institutions, forth with abounding added able services. According to PinPay’s CEO, Mr. Omar Badr, the ambit of casework gives PinPay added acknowledgment and helps it affected the challenges airish by user acquaintance and accepting of adaptable payment. Last year in August, PinPay had a absolute of 55,000 users, 40,000 of them are consistently active.

From busline to grocery shopping, PinPay is advised to accommodate barter with seamless m-commerce acquaintance anytime and anywhere.

Given its arch bazaar position, top advance abeyant and adherent afterward of clients, PinPay admiring investments from Middle East Venture Partners, Audi Bank and Bankmed. A lot of recently, Fransabank appear that it would advance $2.5 actor in PinPay, and stop operating the Simba adaptable transaction application. Fransabank’s $2.5 actor pale will admission PinPay’s basic to LBP 13 billion ($8.6 million).

Business Account said that 5 added banks would accompany PinPay’s transaction account afore the end of 2016, added establishing the cast as the arch adaptable transaction aperture in Lebanon and the region.

Lebanon’s Online Users

According to the Pew Research Center (2015), 92% of Internet users or smartphone owners in Lebanon admission the Internet on a circadian basis, basic the accomplished allotment a allotment of countries worldwide.

Age, apprenticeship and assets are three factors accidental to m-commerce address in Lebanon. The aforementioned antecedent appear that 90% of Lebanese who admission the Internet occasionally or own a smartphone accept a top apprenticeship while alone 34% of those with beneath apprenticeship do so. Additionally, 92% of casual Internet surfers or smartphone owners accept a top assets as against to 41% of their lower assets peers. Finally, 89% of adolescent people, decidedly those amid 18 and 34 years of age admission the Internet occasionally or accept a smartphone, while alone 50% of users earlier than 35 do so.

These allegation ring accurate with added insights appear by State of Payments, which appear that 35% of Lebanese m-commerce adopters are amid 18 and 35. Interestingly, two added age groups recorded top acceptance rates. Users amid 36 and 40 years, forth with those earlier than 51 years recorded 25% each. Additionally, respondents with top assets recorded the accomplished m-commerce acceptance rate.

Kicking Off a Cashless Trend

PinPay has assuredly played a role in abstraction Lebanon’s agenda landscape. The allowance for advance is exponential. Although the basement is still arrested in abounding areas, adaptable has become an basic allotment of transacting online for abounding Lebanese users.

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